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DocketTrak® has incorporated many intellectual property management and reminder features that make it both powerful and easy to use.

Intellectual Property Management

  • Track Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Domain Names
  • Create custom IP types to accommodate your clients' needs (e.g., license, agreement, trade secrets)
  • Create unlimited numbers of Dockets, IP Records, Clients, and Client Users
  • Connects with USPTO, CIPO, EUIPO, and IP Australia databases to make updating data easy
  • Automated trademark update service to update your trademark records automatically when USPTO data or status changes
  • Real time Integration with Canada, Australia, and European Union trademark offices
  • Find your IP records with fast text search and retrieval
  • Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and iOS Calendar Integration
  • Automatic Trademark Record Creation – We detect any new application you file and create your DocketTrak record automatically

Integration With Multiple Trademark Offices

DocketTrak® is connected with the United States (USPTO), Canada (CIPO), European Union (EUIPO), and Australia (ATMOSS) Trademark databases. This makes it easy to create new records or correct your data. Give it a try with the sample Trademark serial number below - or enter your own.


Trademark Serial #


  • DocketForm form letter technology for customized email and Word form letters. Let DocketTrak send your emails from your own email address
  • Store and display trademark images
  • Bulk Import of all your Trademarks and Patents at one time, perfect when getting started
  • Attach unlimited external files to each IP record
  • Clio Integration – connect DocketTrak to your Clio calendar
  • Use our PAIR Connect feature to seamlessly connect to your Private PAIR data

DocketWatch Service

  • DocketWatch scans all USPTO Trademark applications every day and detects matches to your trademark
  • Create your own Watch Word lists
  • Alert emails will be sent to you whenever a match is found
  • Create an Enforcement Record or send a Cease and Desist letter
  • We can detect potential infringing marks from the day they are submitted as a new application
  • Alerts when a Section 2(d) office action cites your Registered trademark or Pending Application. We also alert if the infringing application is Approved for Publication. No other Docketing system does this.
  • Auto Generate Patent and Trademark docketing events
  • Receive USPTO e-Office Action emails directly into DocketTrak
  • Auto calculate Patent Maintenance fee dates and Patent expiration dates
  • Export search results into Excel for easy reporting

PAIR Connect

  • Custom built Windows program that seamlessly connects to your Private PAIR Account
  • Connects to your account using the new USPTO authentication method
  • Imports all of your prepublished and published patent data from PAIR directly into DocketTrak
  • Automatically creates events and due dates for Office Actions
  • Imports full patent transaction history
  • Back up your data to your local computer in Excel
  • Access DocketTrak from anywhere, fully compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Secure and protected cloud based environment at Amazon Web Services. Go to to learn more

DocketForm Form Letters and Emails

  • Create Word or email template files to generate form letters and emails
  • Format your emails with images, colors, fonts, sizing, signatures
  • DocketTrak can send the emails with YOUR email address as the From address
  • Automatic storage of your sent emails on your IP records
  • Generate Word, PDF, or Plain Text form letters

Docket Reminder Features

DocketTrak® has a powerful feature which emails you a list of your upcoming dockets.

  • Customizable Auto Docketing templates
  • Receive Daily email reminders of upcoming dockets, color coded for importance
  • Filter on dockets in Next 45 days, All Future Dockets, Past Dockets, and many more
  • Add multiple upcoming dockets
  • iOS app for iPhone to deliver due date Notifications

Daily Docket Email

Enter your name, firm and email address and DocketTrak® will send you a sample Daily Docket Reminder email.



Client Access

  • Allows your clients to see their docket records
  • Your clients get their own login
  • Minimizes client requests for status or history
  • Clients can view, not edit their data

Patent e-Office Action Integration

DocketTrak can automatically receive your e-Office Action emails from the USPTO, update the appropriate Patent records in DocketTrak with a new status, docketing events, and due dates, and send you a confirmation email explaining what was updated, all without your intervention.

Calendar Integration

  • Integrate your DocketTrak events and due dates with your iCal compliant calendaring program
  • Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iOS Calendar, and others
  • Instant synchronization
  • Customize what events are synchronized

Trademark Update Service

  • Keep your trademarks up to date every day
  • Powerful nightly USPTO, CIPO, EUIPO, and IP Australia trademark synchronization
  • Daily Summary email listing all changes
  • Automatic event and due date creation
  • Automated creation of US trademarks

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If you would like more information or would like a demo, just let us know.

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